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40,000 Incidences of Harm Occur in U.S. Hospitals

Every Single Day

Don’t let it happen to you.


Learn how to be a SAFE PATIENT and experience your best expected outcome by reducing the risk of potential medical errors.


Learning from our guides is easy with 50 Sections of useful

information that include safe care tips, educational patient safety

videos, patient safety tools, advocacy resources, medication

dictionaries, downloadable books, brochures, podcasts and

much more.


Just choose your area of interest.

Patient Safety Partnership makes it easy to watch free videos on how to receive safe care wherever you are


Interactive iBook for the iPad

How to be Safe While Receiving Medical Care

by Victoria Nahum

FREE Safety App for your Cell Phone

This book was written to help patients and their families understand what they can do to prevent medical harm from occurring while in the process of receiving care.

We have included important tips, charts and more, from trusted sources like:


The Patient Channel


The Joint Commission Speak UP™ Campaign

that patients can use instantly at the hospital bedside - right when they need it the most.

Brand new from The Patient Channel in collaboration with Safe Care Campaign, the CDC, The Joint Commission Speak UP™ Campaign and Kimberly-Clark ...

Whether you’re in the hospital or at the doctor’s office you can watch short patient safety videos wherever you are with this free app.

From your cell phone text “Safe” to 411247 and choose your video topic of choice.

(Standard messaging charges apply.)

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