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Victoria and Armando Nahum of Atlanta, Georgia created Patient Safety Partnership in 2010 after they recognized that too often, crucial patient safety information is so diffused throughout educational outlets (like the internet) that patients who need it cannot conveniently find the important resources necessary to help them make best choices.


In addition, the Nahums perceived that patient safety advocacy organizations tend to work in silos, each laboring within their chosen specialty of focus but often remaining isolated from the public view (and sometimes each other) due to lack of staffing resources, marketing expertise, and funding challenges. While many of these excellent groups offer relevant and significant information, crucial to the patient, frequently, it is not easily discoverable in a timely manner by the average healthcare consumer seeking safe care education. This lack of an easy connection inhibits the forward movement of the safety culture that we all seek to embrace, but worse, prevents medical consumers from obtaining indispensable information that could potentially save their lives.


Patient Safety Partnership hopes to function as a patient safety information conduit between these committed organizations and the growing number of medical consumers who are attempting to become more knowledgeable and proactive in their medical care. We hope to encourage a synergy between patients and caregivers that will help them to actively partner with each other to potentially achieve one common goal - best expected outcomes.


It is the ultimate goal of the Partnership to:


  1. Offer a harmonized and accessible presence to informative patient safety web sites and advocacy organizations seeking to engage patients that will help patients to ultimately experience better, safer healthcare, as well as to:

  2. Encourage proactive patient - caregiver partnerships whenever the engine of delivery of care is set in motion.



Four years ago, the Nahums established SAFE CARE CAMPAIGN, an organization focusing on infection prevention after 3 members of their family were infected by their medical care in 3 different hospitals in 3 different states in just 10 months’ time. Their son Josh died in 2006 of his own health care - associated infection.

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